011 Teaching Student with Learning Disabilities 2 -(Unicaf)

011 Teaching Student with Learning Disabilities 2 -(Unicaf)

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Description of the course:

Quality Education for all learners according to UNESCO-IBE defined as an implication of “a balance between excellence and equity. This means that it is not possible to talk about quality education if just a few students learn what is required to participate in society and develop their life projects … This course focuses on teaching and managing students with learning disabilities. More specifically, it concentrates on imparting a deeper understanding of speech and language impairments, of the characteristics of children diagnosed with specific learning difficulties and of the differentiating factors between Learning Difficulties and Specific Learning Difficulties.

What will I learn?

Providing help and mentoring children with special needs contribute to their overall academic journey. Being able to cope is very important for these children because it has an immediate correlation with their behavior and attitude towards their impairment. You will learn to receive the pleasure by helping to increase the awareness of equity and quality in education!

What’s included in the price pack?

∙ Notes to read

∙ Videos

∙ Final Exam

∙ Certificate

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