Certificate Course: Quantification & Forecasting in Public Health

Certificate Course: Quantification & Forecasting in Public Health

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This course is from Empower School of Health, Switzerland

Course duration: 2 months

Course fee: $400

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Who is this course ideal for?

The course would be open to:
• Applicants currently engaged in public health related activities
• Applicants with graduate/post-graduate qualifications, and working within procurement and supply chain management, healthcare administration or pharmaceutical functions
• Candidates with relevant work experience in public health with governmental and/or health related organizations/ NGOs would be preferred


This 2-month course will help you understand the fascinating science behind the methodology, tools and key processes used to estimate your country’s needs for health commodities. We discuss the consumption method, morbidity method and proxy consumption method, and how they apply to different product categories and contexts. 

Course content:

• Chapter 1 - Overview of Quantification
• Chapter 2 - Quantification Methods
• Chapter 3 - Issues in Quantification
• Chapter 4 - Consumption Method
• Chapter 5 - Morbidity Method
• Chapter 6 - Proxy Consumption Method
• Chapter 7 - Service Level Projections

Teaching modality:

• Course language - English
• The course is broken into 7 chapters and 1 final assessment to qualify for a Certificate
• Pre-recorded lectures (chapter wise), case studies, quizzes and self-learning materials
• e-mail tutorial support and group discussion through web based system

Evaluation and assessment:

Students will be evaluated throughout the tenure of course with multiple choice questions. 

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